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AFFECT, Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions, is a broad-based national coalition of consumers, retail and manufacturing businesses, insurers, technology professionals and librarians opposed to the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA). AFFECT has been dedicated to educating the public and policy makers about the dangers of UCITA. AFFECT members have been following UCITA for the past decade and the coalition has been involved in every state where UCITA has been legislatively active.

Unlike other model legislation drafted collaboratively by the American Law Institute (ALI) and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law (NCCUSL), UCITA is not supported by the ALI. In fact, the ALI withdrew from the drafting process in 1998 as their concerns over intellectual property rights, copyright law, consumer protections and others were ignored.

So far, UCITA has been enacted in only two states. In 1999 Maryland and Virginia each passed modified versions of the bill effectively destroying any opportunity at the outset of the policy battle for a "uniform" state law. AFFECT coalition members have been successful in blocking legislation in every other state where it has been introduced. In fact, three states, West Virginia, Iowa and North Carolina have passed bombshelter legislation, protecting their citizens from UCITA should it be widely accepted throughout the United States. Check the progress of legislative activities in your or other states (Note: These state-by-state updates are maintained by the American Library Association).

AFFECT believes that the information economy should be fair and competitive. UCITA provides the licensor or software/information producer unprecedented and unfettered control over the contracts of sale of their products without providing adequate protections for the licensees or users of these products. Please use the information on this Web site to educate yourself and others. If you agree with us that UCITA is a dangerous, anti-competitive, anti-business, anti-consumer measure that will have a negative impact on the American economy and the development of electronic commerce and new technologies, join us by becoming a member of AFFECT.


Alliance of American Insurers
American Association of Law Libraries
American Council of Life Insurers
American Committee for Interoperable Systems
American Library Association
American Troublebusters
Art Libraries Society of North America
Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)
Association of Research Libraries
Association for Computing Machinery
Blue Feather Technologies
BrightNoise Inc.
Buckman Laboratories
Caterpillar Inc.
Catholic Healthcare West
Center for Study of Responsive Law
Cephalad Corp.
Clarity Mac Accounting Services
Cobb & Associates
Columbia Consumer Education Council
Commonwealth of Virginia State Networking Users Advisory Board
Computer & Communications Industry Association
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Consumer Federation of America
Consumer Project on Technology
CyberBrief, PLC
Deere & Company
Deseret Mutual
Doghouse Computing
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Episode IV Consulting
Gallant Technologies, Inc.
Georgia Pacific Corporation
H B Fuller Company
Harris Systems
Hartford Financial Services Group
Health Insurance Association of America
Investment Company Institute
International Communications Association
International Paper
Interweb Design Studio
Jackson Laboratories
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company
Law Office of Cem Kaner
Law Offices of Vernon Finley
LawTech, P.A.
MassMutual Financial Group
McLane Company Inc.
Medical Library Association
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Murray and Murray Co. LPA
My PC Xpert
National Consumer Law Center
National Consumers League
National Council of Teachers of English
National Humanities Alliance
National Society of Professional Engineers
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Nook Net
Northwestern Mutual Life
OpenSonic Networks
PAC Software Engineering, Inc.
Patricia G. Clark, CPA
Perdue Farms
Phillips Petroleum
Principal Financial Group, The
Prudential Insurance Company of America
Razorvision Studios
Reynolds Metals Corporation
Satisfice, Inc.
Sheller Law Firm
SmithConcepts, Inc.
Society for Information Management
Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute
Special Libraries Association
Stanley Klein Associates, LLC
Starmer Group, The
The Sur Family
Tesla Systems
Torry Pines Software
Trescott Research
Utah Academic Library Consortium
Virginia Association of Law Libraries
Virginia Consumer Council
Walgreen Corporation
Want Ads of Longview, Inc.
Workstation Integrations, Inc.

The information contained in these pages may be downloaded, reproduced and redistributed as long as it has not been altered and is properly attributed. Permission to use AFFECT materials for publications may easily be attained by contacting us.

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