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December 4, 2002: AFFECT issues its Response to NCCUSL Commentary on UCITA 2002 Revisions.

September 18, 2002: AFFECT holds annual meeting - Washington D.C.

September 17, 2002: AFFECT joins Amicus Brief submitted to U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in the case of Bowers vs. Baystate Technology.

September 17, 2002: National Society Professional Engineers (NSPE) joins AFFECT.

September 16, 2002: AFFECT is profiled in New York Times article - The Battle Lines are Drawn in the Struggle for a Uniform Standard in software licensing for all 50 States. Reported by Laurie J. Flynn

August 23, 2002: NCCUSL Memorandum and Chart regarding 2002 Amendments.

August 6, 2002: AFFECT sends letter to American Bar Association regarding AFFECT's continued opposition to UCITA and discusses a change to Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code and its interaction with UCiTA.

August 5, 2002: AFFECT reports increased dissatisfaction with UCITA within NCCUSL.

August 3, 2002: 2002 NCCUSL approves amendments to UCITA.

August 2002: Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) joins AFFECT.

August 2002: Pitfalls of UCITA for Business Users of Technology.

July 26-August 3, 2002: AFFECT representatives attend the NCCUSL Annual Conference in Tucson.

July 23-27, 2002: AFFECT sponsors a booth at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) held in Denver, CO. The AFFECT banner says: "Don't Get Shrink-Wraped by the New UCITA." Article 1 Brief - Business Brief - Consumer Brief - Computer Professionals Brief - Library Brief.

July 22, 2002: AFFECT issues a press release about continued opposition to UCITA despite pending amendments.

July, 2002: Investment Company Institute (ICI) joins AFFECT.

June 28, 2002: AFFECT's Response to NCCUSL's May 29th Report of the UCITA Standby Committee.

May 29, 2002: Report of the UCITA Standby Committee - Response to the ABA working group report and recommended amendments for the NCCUSL 2002 Annual Meeting.

May 15, 2002: AFFECT's Response to the Proposed 2001 NCCUSL Amendments.

February 11, 2002: AFFECT issues press release regarding the American Bar Association report on UCITA

January 30, 2002: American Bar Association working group releases its report with recommendations to the ABA Board of Governors. The report recommends redrafting UCITA. Read the Report.

January 4, 2002: Read AFFECT's Statement on Proposed New Amendments to UCITA.

January, 2002: Library Response to 2001 Proposed Amendments

November 15, 2001: AFFECT Statement on Dr. Robert W. Hahn's Economic Assessment of UCITA. (PDF)

November 13, 2001: The majority of Attorneys General remain opposed to UCITA. Their reasons are explained in this letter to Carlyle Ring. (PDF)

November 2001: ABA Advisory UCITA Working Group
Members of the NCCUSL UCITA Standby Committee will meet with the ABA Advisory UCITA Working Group Novemebr 16-18, 2001 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. AFFECT members drafted more than 2 dozen amendments for discussion. AFFECT Members may read the amendments in the member-only section of the Web site.

October 2001: AFFECT Annual Meeting
The AFFECT annual meeting was held October 10, 2001 in Washington, DC. Miriam Nisbet, ALA will lead the coalition as President this year. Other Board members are Randy Roth (Technology Professionals), Riva Kinstlick (Insurers), Dave McMahon (Consumers and Computer Users), and Lynn Johnson (Manufacturers).

August 2001: AFFECT Sends Letter to NCCUSL Commissioners
As the National Conference of Commissioners of Uniform State Laws met in West Virginia for their Annual Meeting, they received copies of an AFFECT letter conveying the perspective of the AFFECT membership regarding proposed amendments to UCC Article 2 and UCITA.

April 2001: AFFECT Meets with Attorneys General Regarding Proposed Consumer Amendments to UCITA
AFFECT members representing manufacturing, insurance, library, university and other business interests met with AG Drew Edmondson (OK) and Karla Stovall (KS) to discuss six proposed consumer amendments to UCITA. AFFECT also sent a letter outlining its members' concerns. AGs Edmondson and Stovall were unable to garner support from their colleagues and the proposed amendments were never formally sent to NCCUSL for consideration as official amendments. Attorneys General Eliot Spitzer (NY), Tom Miller (IA) and William Lockyer (CA) responded to the Edmondson-Stovall request by sending their own strongly-worded letter to their colleagues challenging the amendments and urging continued rejection of UCITA.

  • AFFECT letter to Edmondson and Stovall
  • Stephen Chow letter to Attorneys General
  • Explanation of Library Amendments to UCITA in Virginia
  • Virginia Library Association letter to Connie Ring

The information contained in these pages may be downloaded, reproduced and redistributed as long as it has not been altered and is properly attributed. Permission to use AFFECT materials for publications may easily be attained by contacting us.

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