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Your state has passed anti-UCITA bomb shelter legislation.

An anti-UCITA bill, often referred to as "bomb-shelter" legislation, is designed to protect state residents from certain licensing provisions that are possible in contracts governed by UCITA, especially in shrink-wrap or click-on licenses accompanying mass-market products where there has been no negotiation between the parties to the contract.

There are various versions of anti-UCITA bills. Some specifically protect licensees from choice of law provisions that make UCITA the governing law of the contract; others from choice of forum provisions that select other states besides the licensee's as the place where a court will settle a legal dispute over the contract. One version comprehensively stipulates that only the laws of the licensee's state will apply in interpreting the enforceability of any computer information license.

What You Can Do To Ensure UCITA Is Not Re-Introduced in Your State

The most important action you can take is to join the AFFECT coalition. To do so, complete a sign up form.

Learn more about UCITA.
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Share information about UCITA with colleagues, employees and members of organizations to which you belong. You may use any of the background material provided by AFFECT on this site.

Include information about UCITA and how to help the AFFECT coalition in employee or organization newsletters.

Add your voice to the local press and send a letter to the editor of your local paper.

The information contained in these pages may be downloaded, reproduced and redistributed as long as it has not been altered and is properly attributed. Permission to use AFFECT materials for publications may easily be attained by contacting us.

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